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Tender Kiss Gag

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The Tender Kiss Gag is perfect for any oral enthusiast or for those who need a little more tongue during play! Made of a variety of firmnesses and your choice of two different strap styles, the Tender Kiss is sure to fit even your finest fantasies!

Tender Kiss Dimensions:

Total Length: 3.75"

Usable Length: 3.5"

Circumference at Widest: 4.5"

Diameter at Widest: 1.75"- 2"

Firmness: Firm 10A

NOTE: The softer the gag, the less durable it typically is but it is more gentle on the jaw and mouth. The firmer the toy, the more durable it is typically though it will be firmer to bite on and less flexible.

IMPORTANT: In the "Cart" you will see white letters "Order Notes". You need to click the text and it will allow you to type which strap style you want in your order. 


Make sure to select the right strap set to fit the type of play you desire and to check the firmnesses to make sure it is right for you.


(Strap Style A) Includes:

- 2 X's 17" Long 3/4" wide Nylon Straps

- 1 X's Buckle

- 4 X's Slide Adjusters

Suggested Use: This strap style is intended for more gentle play and an overall improved aesthetic and better contour to the face. However, this style is not as durable due to the attachment points being connected to the rubber itself. DO NOT PULL ON THE STRAPS that are attacked to the gags base to test them. This will cause damage to the gag and is considered misuse. To tighten the gag, use the attachments and slide adjusters towards the buckle side for the optimal fit.


(Strap Style B) Includes:

- 1 X's 34" Long 3/4" wide Nylon Straps

- 1 X's Buckle

- 2 X's Slide Adjusters

Suggested Use: This strap style is ideal for those who want a more durable toy for rougher play. The strap rests directly against the back of the gag and keeps it snugly to the face but is overall less aesthetic. This reduces the amount of pull on the base. It can also accommodate larger heads/masks, but has less adjustable areas due to the altered design. If you want to play harder, this is the gag for you! 

To learn how to assemble your new gag, check out our website for the Deep Kiss here! -


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