Limited Custom Orders

XCA Custom Form Request / PLEASE READ

(Training Special Pricing)

*Limit 3 toys per customer*

We are open for approximately 20 slots, and will be reviewing custom applications to pick those that we can match the best to bring your dream specimen to life. These are NOT first come first serve. If accepted, approximate turn around time is 2 weeks to 1 month at the latest due to material availability.

Orders will begin production in the order they are placed. (Earlier orders are completed first). This offer will be closed after April 26th and may reopen at a later date. Thank you!

Models, materials and pour styles will have limited availability depending on what is in stock and in active cycle on our shop and some requests may not be applicable due material limitations for some pour styles. We will do our best to meet your specific needs! Please note, we cannot offer exceptions or overly complicated customs as of this time. Thank you!

Check out our "Model Catalog" to see XCA's design library


Materials we have on hand:

  • Super Soft 00-20 (A few gallon units)
  • Soft 00-30 (A few gallon units)
  • Medium 00-50 (A few gallon units)


(Available Pour Styles and Pricing)

Prices below apply to insertable toys-

  • Single Color Pour    +$5.00 USD
  • 2 Color Split    +$10.00 USD
  • 2 Color Marble    +$10.00 USD
  • 2 Color Fade    +$15.00 USD
  • 2 Color Wash    +$15.00 USD
  • 3 Color Marble    +15.00 USD
  • 3 Color Fade    +$20.00 USD
  • 2 Color Shaft, Split Base Color    +$20.00 USD
  • 1 Color Wash Over 2 Color Fade or Marble    +$20.00 USD
  • Hand painted eyes/nose only (Purra/ NabberGnats) + $5.00 - $10.00 USD
  • Complex Painting/Pour Style (NabberGnat Only) + $10.00 - $25.00 USD

*Squishy and small item prices are typically cheaper due to their volume and usage, as well as complexity and vary based on pour style requested and item dimensions. (We don't want to charge too high a price for small items if not needed, we hope this helps!)

Toys considered squishies and small items are the Crew clutch, NabberGnats, Cayleodynes, Coppermites, Caiman Heads, Cyerce Stowaways, Symbiotes, ErosPorts, Reactor Rings, and Coasters. 


 *Hand Painting may include glow in the dark, and if more than a single color is required, will cost an additional $5.00 USD+


If requesting a specific color, for best accuracy we will accept hex code colors.


We use this website as our preference! Click to View "ColorKit Palette Maker"

For easiest options to export colors, you can save your palette as an image, or include your link to your custom color palette in your order description. We included an example link here using our store colors

XCA Color Example- Click Here!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the variations between each person’s ability to perceive color, the accuracy of various devices and more, a certain level of variation is to be expected. We will do our absolute best to ensure we are as close as possible. You will need to specify if you want shimmer in your colors, and how much or little or if you don’t want any at all. This does not apply to house colors, as they are already determined.



  • For some models, there is not a clear split between the base and shaft.
  • We cannot provide split firmnesses.
  • We cannot accept hand painting or glow requests as of this time.
  • All customs and payments are handled through shopify.
  • We do not accept partial payments or shop pay.
  • Turn around time for these orders are estimated a month or less.
  • Shipping is handled through USPS.
  • Color accuracy will be met to the best of our abilities.
  • If an older model out of mold rotation is requested, we may not be able to create it. We are happy to discuss what is available if this should happen.
  • We will not be taking special exceptions.


If you are looking for our house colors and not specific requested colors, you can view what we have available here at  “Specimen Samples”.


Placing Your Order:

Please copy and paste the template below into your email. Emails not including the template will be asked to fill it out and will be placed at the back of the email queue. Complete custom forms will be prioritized. If you had submitted a filled out custom form and have questions, your slot will still be secured. Only incomplete or missing forms will be moved.

Please send all custom emails to


(Please submit hex code colors or color link from "ColorKit" if needing specific colors under “Colors Requested” and describe the look of the toy under “Pour Description”).

(Example for pour description: “Light green tip fading into copper for the shaft, base color black.”)

*Fill out and then copy and paste everything between the lines for the order form to ensure we have all the info we need to place your order.*

We are excited to bring your creations to life!



Custom Order Form

Customer Email:

Customer Name:



Model Name:

Model Size:

Firmness Requested: (Please select only one)

00-20 Super Soft   /    00-30 Soft     /    Medium 00-50 *Limited Supply*


Pour Style Requested:

Colors Requested:

Pour Description:

Did you attach a schematic to this email?

(A schematic is a XCA coloring page that can be filled out as a reference to your order)

Yes / No


Price: TBD



Alrighty! Got all that? We know its alot, but we want to make sure we have the best tools we can to make your dreams a reality. Thank you so much for checking us out!

(We will review your form once its filled out and reply with the total cost once it is approved. You’re all done!)

*Shipping is calculated at checkout. This form serves only as a quote for our labor and costs. USPS determines the rest. Thank you! *