Care Instructions

Thank you for purchasing or browsing for a new XenoCat Companion!

In order to make sure your specimen stays in great condition, the XCA crew has a few recommendations. All of our toys and products are made from a fully body safe platinum cure silicone and contains no accelerators or slickening agents. Our promise from the XCA headquarters is to bring you pure and simple materials, for a worry free and truly enjoyable experience!
Here are a few methods of cleaning commonly used:
  • Boiling- Use a large pot and bring the water to boil and submerge your toy. There should be enough water to cover the entire surface of the toy. Once submerged, boil the toy for 5-10 minutes to ensure its fully sterilized then remove and let air dry.

  • Toy Cleaner-There are various toy cleaners on the market that are safe for you use. Foaming cleaners are wonderful for getting into any cracks or crevices that may be difficult to clean. If you are curious for recommendations, feel free to send us a message! Most soaps at home can be safe for your toy but make sure to fully rinse all soaps off to avoid irritation. We do not recommend straight bleach, soaps with scrubbing beads, or any products containing natural sugars or harsh chemicals such as lye or degreasers.

  • Dish Washer- You can place these toys in the dishwasher to fully sterilize them as well. We suggest running it on its own individual cycle without dish soap and placing it on the top rack. Air dry when done.