The Future of Adult Novelty Toys

Exotic Creatures. Fascinating shapes- all built to give you pleasure. We hope your visit to our station is a pleasant one! Check out our current product catalogue, a list of upcoming events, and a way to stay informed with what unique specimens we are finding.

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  • Insertables

    Xenocat offers a collection of unique designs and exotic specimens that are specifically cultivated from the deepest expanses of space all for your pleasure...

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  • Strokers

    Take the plunge and slip into something more comfortable. Our crew has acquired quite the collection of maws and eager orifaces...

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  • Rings

    Prepare for your next expedition in style. Last longer out there and enhance your pleasure as you explore to new depths in the field!

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  • External Toys

    Take us with you! These clever critters and devices serve to stimulate you throughout the day in a discreet and sensual way.

    Browse Stowaways and Wearables 
  • Critters

    Our special companions are found all across the galaxy and are awaiting adoption... Will you be their new forever home?

    Browse Adoptable Specimens 
  • And More...

    Gags, Eggs, Experimental Gear and more. Explore all that Xenocat has to offer and prepare for an adventure unlike any other...

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