Frequently Asked Questions

Care instructions

You can find detailed ways to clean and care for your new specimen on our websites "Care Instructions" page in our website’s navigation bar!


Product Sizing

All our models sizing is in each individual listing, as well as in our online catalog! If there are dimensions that you need that are not listed, please feel free to send us a note so we can help you find the perfect fit!


Wholesale availability

We are currently working on expanding our storefront to retailers across the US! This will be a longer process, but we would love to share our products with everyone! If you are interested in our products and would like a small batch of them for your store front, we would be happy to chat with you. Thank you for your interest!


Gift Wrapping and Packaging

All our toys are handled with the upmost care and are packaged discreetly. Each toy comes in a sealed package with our business card, care card, and is shipped in a white box with only a personal name on the label.

There is no logo or business name, so you can rest easy knowing your private purchases are private with us!


How Do I Store My Toy?

Silicone toys are resilient and some of the best around. Silicone toys can be stored together without issue.

We do suggest that if storing your toys together, to avoid storing any jelly materials or lubricants separately to help keep your toy clean and healthy. Silicone will NOT melt with heat and can be boiled to be cleaned.

To help keep your toys dust and hair free (these little buggers are stubborn and clingy with static) we like to suggest a toy storage bag or even a Ziplock bag if you feel the need. It is not required but it’s a nice touch and can reduce the amount of cleaning between uses. Ask us about our Toy Bags!


My Item Didn’t Come as Described, what do I do?

The XCA team is always working on trying to improve and deliver the best customer service. If your item arrived in a different condition than described, please send us a message so we can investigate things and make things right.

We aim to make sure the customer is happy and enjoys their new XCA companion. We are human and can make mistakes and miss things sometimes but give us the chance to go above and beyond to make things right!

That’s our XenoCat Promise


Are your Designs geared towards Specific Anatomies?

This is a great question, and we hope to offer a great answer! All models from XCA are designed to be inclusive to all gender and non-gender uses, so no matter how it’s used, it should conform to you and suit your needs!

We do not offer toys intended for only one customer base or toying style because with sex toys and play, the only limits are what you choose to do with it! We believe that it’s the customer’s choice to view our toys how they want, and we don’t want to get in the way of that freedom. No one should dictate how you play but you!

We want our customers to feel comfortable with who they are. XCA is owned and operated by a variety of individuals from different walks of life, so with open minds come open hearts.