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XenoCat Artifacts

XCA Crew Clutch (Ere)

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Needing a desktop guardian? Maybe a companion? Perhaps you just need a fidget friend to help you get through the day and to help you hold your cell phone or business cards?

Our XCA Crew Clutches are the perfect companion to give you a helping hand! As a squishy this is large in size, fitting perfectly on your dashboard or office desk and is durable silicone that is both easy to clean and beautiful!

The Ere Crew Clutch comes in a variety of colors and firmnesses that are incredibly fun to play with.

This item is a PREMADE item.

*This order is a single Crew Clutch Media holder* Toss it, squeeze it, love it! But don't insert it! This little lass is external only!

** Due to the handmade nature of this item, there may be small defects or pigment freckles from time to time, Please keep this in mind when purchasing!**


Firmness- Soft Firmness 00-30

Height: 4 Inches

Arm Width: 3 1/4 Inches

Leg Width (External): 2 1/4 Inches

Total Length (From toes to tail base): 5 1/4 Inches

(Not for dashboard use, this size is best for phones that measure a height of approximately 5 inches tall or similar. Can be used on its side, or standing up! A larger version will be available later for larger accessories.)


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