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XenoCat Artifacts

Purra (Medium) **MUTATION**

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"Welcome to the Captain's Quarters, come on in and take a load off. I think I have the perfect seat set aside just for you!"

This full sized mouth and head combination is XCA's very first full styled toy, featuring a long flexible tongue with pronounced barbs and ridges nested between a hefty maw. Will you accept the invitation to a night of passionate exploration?

XenoCat Artifacts is an adult novelties team that focuses on bringing you 100% Platinum Grade Silicone toys from out of this world. All toys come with care card and business card! (More sizes coming soon, as well as an alternate "Just the Mouth" style!)

This PREMADE model is a Medium Purra

Toy features: -Soft Firmness 00-30

(Due to the high demand and competitive nature of these items and to ensure fairness for others trying to purchase during drops, there is a temporary limit of 1 PER CUSTOMER, PER DROP of EACH SIZE Additional orders placed will be refunded. Failure to read listing details does not warrant special exceptions and attempts to knowingly circumvent this rule may result in full order cancellations. Thank you!)

-Weight: 2.8 - 2.10 lbs (Out of Box)

-Total Height: 7"

-Tongue Length: 5 1/2- 5 3/4 if Straightened

-Circumference at Widest: 4 3/4"

-Length of Head At Longest: 8 1/4"

-Width of Head at Widest (Ears) 6"

-Width of Head at Cheeks 5 1/4"

-Space between Upper Jaw and Tongue 2"

-Great for grinding, oral use, and more!

-Wide base for stability and to reduce tipping

**NOTES** This purra got a small bubble between the hand painted lines and will be patched before shipping. Item has been discounted

**NOTE** Greens and yellows and super pale/clear colors do get washed out with our camera and white background. They will be more vibrant in person!

All of our XCA models are handmade and will have small signs of being hand finished. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Thank you for looking, are you ready to embrace the Unknown?