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Cyerce Chrysalis (Petite)

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The Cyerce Chrysalis is a whole new way to play! This toy is designed to rest comfortably inside and stimulate you during your day like any other kegel toy, but with a twist!

This model is also a fantastic addition to those who love oviposition (egg laying) or other insertable kinks. Featuring a textured mound in the middle for a pressure type sensation and two ends of varying textures and a tapered tip, this little symbiotic relationship is ready to take things to the next level! Symbiotic relationships have never felt this good!

This Model is a PREMADE Petite Cyerce Chrysalis

**The Chrysalis has no base or retrieval cord. These are for novelty use ONLY**


Total Length: 5 1/2 Inches

Width at Widest: 1 Inches

Height at Highest: 7/8 Inch

Firmness: -Super Soft 00-20

PLEASE NOTE: We do not discount for minor air bubbles or small pigment freckles on the Cyerce. If it is a larger error, we will make special mention and discount appropriately. Due to its size and design, it makes it somewhat easier to trap bubbles in the very tip of the spikes, and is normal for this model to have the possibility of a minor air bubble or two.

Though not all models will have air bubbles and are typically not present, it again is a possibility. Pigment freckles may occur in any product and as we replace our older pigments, this issue should be resolved. Please look at the image of each model before purchasing and keep this in mind when you buy. Thank you! If a Cyerce is marked as "See Notes" It is marked due to more then average air bubbles on the spines.

This clever critter is always evolving and changing, so keep an eye out for its next metamorphosis such as the Cyerce Symbiote (Insertable full bodied form/Final Evolution) or catch it at its initial stage as the Cyerce Stowaway (External Use)

**Stages of Metamorphosis:**

(Cyerce Stowaway)-----> (Cyerce Chrysalis)------> (Cyerce Symbiote)

*Note*: The model in the icon and first image is the exact toy you will receive. The other images are just to show sizing. Thank you! Are You Ready to Embrace the Unknown?