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XenoCat Artifacts

Cayleodyne Squishy Companion

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Needing a desktop guardian? Maybe a companion? Perhaps you just need a fidget friend to help you get through the day?

Our XCA squishies are your perfect fit! Small in size, this little specimen can fit in your pockets or on your dash and are durable silicone that is both easy to clean and beautiful! The Cayleodyne comes in a variety of colors and firmnesses that are incredibly fun to play with. 

This is a PREMADE item

Firmness: 00-50 Medium

Length: 4.25" Nose to Tail


We do not discount for these small bubbles, so please keep this in mind when reviewing or purchasing. Larger imperfections will be listed and discounted appropriately.

(Toss it, squeeze it, love it! But don't insert it! This little friend is external only! ) Thank You!