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XenoCat Artifacts

Cassius (Small)

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XenoCat Artifacts is an adult novelties team that focuses on bringing you 100% Platinum Grade Silicone toys from out of this world. All toys come with a business card and care card! This PREMADE model is a Small Cassius (The Cassius is the Remastered Legacy Kelpie. Sizing and Dimensions have changed) Small: $60.00+ Total length: 6 3/4” Usable length: 5” Max circumference: 4 1/2” Toy features: -Soft Firmness 00-30 -Newly Remastered with delicate skin like textures and fine detailing -Small and perfect for introductory play or use as a plug All items in this store are handmade and may show signs of hand finishing. Thank you! Thank you for looking, are you ready to embrace the Unknown?